MIDAS noted for "excellent performance" in global investment agency benchmarking review - MIDAS

MIDAS noted for “excellent performance” in global investment agency benchmarking review

MIDAS, Manchester’s inward investment and development agency, has been singled out for its excellent performance in a world ranking of investment agencies.

MIDAS is one of just eight Investment Promotion Intermediaries (IPIs) out of 213 to be acknowledged for excellent performance in the respected Global Investment Promotion Benchmarking (GIPB) review.

The GIPB 2009 review, undertaken by the Foreign Investment Advisory Service (FIAS), is the second in a series of biennial reviews investigating the investment promotion capabillities of IPIs worldwide and includes the assessment of 213 IPIs globally.

MIDAS, along with Copenhagen Capacity, Scottish Development International, Invest Queensland, Think London, Stockholm Business Region, Invest in Bogotà in Columbia and Invest Hong Kong were noted as the world’s most innovative and customer-focused sub national IPIs because they deliver uniquely detailed knowledge of their area and its assets and advantages.

The review index, which compares all IPIs, found that MIDAS‘ handling of manufacturing inquiries scored 93%, against a regional average of 55% and best in world average of 86%.

MIDAS‘ handling of software inquiries scored 81% in terms of how well it sells the location, against a regional average of 70% and best in world average om 89%.

The MIDAS website scored 80%, against a regional average of 86% and best in world average of 89%. Overall, MIDAS scored 81%, representing a very stong performance.

Colin Sinclair, chief executive of MIDAS, said: “We’re obviously very proud of the fact that MIDAS has been internationally recognised as one of the best performing investment agencies. Our hard work in converting inquiries into investments has ensured that we beat our targets by creating and safeguarding 4,735 jobs and attracting more than 80 UK and foreign direct investments in the City Region in 08/09.”

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