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msp targets digital media companies with new media server offer

Manchester Science Parks (msp) has teamed up with its tenant, Melbourne Server Hosting, to create a high-speed broadband and media server offer that will benefit existing tenants on its Corridor site and make it the ideal location for digital and creative companies.

The package, exclusively available to msp Corridor tenants, was designed to take advantage of the site’s location at the North-western hub of England’s optical fibre network. Tenants taking up Melbourne’s offer will receive 100 MB broadband (both upstream and downstream, with a 1:5 contention ratio) at an extremely competitive rate.

New and existing tenants working in the digital and creative sectors can also choose to have access to a media server with a 500GB capacity and web interface, allowing the rapid upload and download of large files. Melbourne can also set up remote network access VPNs (Virtual Private Network) for tenants, allowing secure access to files and folders from any computer or mobile device.

Jane Davies, msp chief executive, said of the offer: “Manchester and the Northwest is fast becoming a centre of excellence for digital and creative companies. We need to ensure that the underlying infrastructure necessary to the growth of this sector, high bandwidths and fast broadband, is made as accessible as possible.

“A fast and reliable internet connection is a must have for any business yet many digital and creative companies, especially start ups, can be hampered by prohibitive broadband and server costs.

“Our package, in partnership with our cost effective office space and free business advisory services, means that we are creating the most supportive atmosphere feasible for companies operating in this sector, as well as providing another added value service for existing tenants.”

Daniel Keighron-Foster, Melbourne managing director, added: “We have worked closely with msp to develop this particular package in response to tenant feedback and enquiries from potential tenants.

“As our name, Melbourne Server Hosting, suggests, we are not usually in the business of broadband or VPN provision, but the cost and the convenience of an on-site ISP cannot be underestimated and we were happy to provide these services to our neighbor tenants.

“In addition to fantastically fast and reliable broadband, users of the media server can rest assured that their files are completely secure as they are hosted in our data centre.

“Because we are part of the tenant community here at msp, we are able to provide that extra level of support that comes from knowing many of the businesses here quite well, and being on their doorstep in the unlikely event of a problem.”

Davies finished: “Here at msp we will always seek to provide the added value services that enable our tenants to improve their business operations, and on this occasion we are proud to team up with Melbourne to do so.”

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