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National Enterprise Academy opens in Manchester

Celebrity entrepreneur, Peter Jones, has officially launched the National Enterprise Academy (NEA) in Manchester.

Jones, the founder of the NEA, was joined at the event by Vanda Murray, deputy chair of the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA); Marie Gilluley, senior vice principal of The Manchester College; students; key stakeholders; and entrepreneurs and employers from across the region.

The launch means that 16-19 year olds in Manchester will now be able to study for new Edexcel qualifications that have a strong focus on practical skills

  • a level 2 BTEC Diploma in Understanding Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
  • a level 3 BTEC Diploma in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Students will be exposed to real-life business issues in real-life business environments. They will benefit from a high level of input from a range of entrepreneurs and local businesses who will deliver the curriculum, alongside staff from The Manchester College.

As well as entrepreneurial skills, The Manchester College will enable the learners to develop essential key skills, including literacy and numeracy. Learners will receive extensive support and enrichment.

Marie Gilluley, said: “The Manchester College has been involved in exploring enterprise programmes and themes for a number of years and we have always been interested in the question of whether enterprise can be taught or whether it is an intrinsic ability or talent. Our experience is that entrepreneurial skills can always be unlocked and the college has enterprising learners in every area of the college, at all levels of qualification.”

Around 40 enterprising students have been enrolled at the NEA in Manchester and nationally the NEA will enrol nearly 11,000 learners in its first four years. The LSC has invested up to £3 million in revenue funding over three years nationally, with the NWDA investing a further £1 million for the north west region, creating a powerful partnership for success.

Peter Jones said: “There is arguably no better time to create a National Enterprise Academy than during a recession. The UK needs entrepreneurs to stimulate the economy and businesses need inspired employees to help their companies recover quickly. With the continued support of government and the private sector, the NEA will create both.”

Source: The Manchester College

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