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North at the forefront for low carbon transformation

As world leaders meet in Copenhagen, the Northern Way has published a comprehensive account of the contribution the North of England can make in securing a low carbon future.

The paper, “Energising The North: Mobilising the northern regions to deliver our low carbon energy future” argues that, with support and investment, the North of England could be at the forefront of an industrial revolution, leading the transformation of the UK to a low carbon economy.

Hugh Morgan Williams, Chair of the Northern Way said: “The transformation of the economy required to address climate change will bring economic opportunities as well as challenges. Development in offshore wind, nuclear and carbon capture present particular opportunities, with the potential for technology export opportunities too. If we get this right the North can be at the forefront of the power industry in the UK, in transforming the way we create our energy for generations to come.”

Energising the North sets out those areas where the northern regions can be mobilised to deliver a low carbon energy future. It outlines the North’s technology and research strengths, Renewable Energy Generation Technologies, Energy Infrastructure and Supply, and provides a framework on how the North can develop the priorities for the development of the energy sector in the North of England. It builds on existing Northern Way support for cross-regional collaboration on offshore wind and carbon capture, and the leading role of the northern Regional Development Agencies in securing the transformation of their regions. Recent initiatives across the North have included:

• Three Low Carbon Economic Areas: the Northeast (for ultra-low carbon vehicles), the Northwest (for nuclear); and the Manchester City Region (for the built environment).
• Britain’s first carbon capture and storage demonstration plant will be built at Hatfield in Yorkshire, thanks to a €180 million award from the European Commission’s Energy Programme for Recovery fund.
• Offshore Wind capacity, primarily off the east coast, with supply chain links across the North.

Source: Northwest Regional Development Agency

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