Nulife Glass to create 30 jobs in Salford - MIDAS

Nulife Glass to create 30 jobs in Salford

UK recycling and research company Nulife Glass is to open its first industrial plant in Irlam, Salford in February, creating more than 30 jobs.

Joanne Hall, Economic Development Officer- Salford Council, Candice-Elena Greer (Creative Director), Simon Greer (MD) and Tim Newns, Director of Business Development - MIDAS

Nulife, which is also moving its head office from the West Midlands to Irlam, chose to build its plant in Manchester City Region after working closely with MIDAS, Manchester’s inward investment agency, and Salford City Council.

The partners provided support and advice to Nulife during the site selection process, and also with accessing supportive funding and with planning and environmental licensing.

The new plant will use pioneering techniques to safely recycle televisions. The varied roles available include industrial electricians, team leaders, office staff and at least eight people to carry out the therapeutic role of smashing TVs.

Simon Greer, Managing Director at Nulife Glass, said: “We are proud to have developed a truly world-leading technique to safely recycle televisions, and we are pleased to be delivering this project in Greater Manchester. MIDAS and Salford City Council provided important advice and assistance over the last few months, and we are now looking forward to recruiting our full team and starting work.”

Colin Sinclair, Chief Executive of MIDAS, said: “With at least one other UK site under consideration, it is fantastic that Nulife Glass has chosen Salford as home to its new industrial plant. The 30-plus new jobs are a significant boost to the borough and wider city region, and provide further evidence of the effective working of MIDAS and our partner organisations.”

Councillor John Merry, leader of Salford City Council said: “Salford welcomes this new investment into our city, and we will continue to support Nulife all we can. We are always keen to help new businesses locate in the city and are committed to ensuring all will receive bespoke, professional support from our dedicated business and investment team.”

Nulife Glass has resolved the recycling problem of how to extract lead from the glass in waste televisions, which is a worldwide first. Until now there has been no long term solution to recycling TVs as it has been impossible to safely recover the lead content in the glass that makes the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) – through which the picture is created in older televisions.

The UK, Europe and USA have all experienced problems with discarded TV screens because new legislation means old sets must be recycled and not land filled.

In February, Nulife will be ready to show the equipment in full flow with both molten lead and glass pouring from the furnace’s separate discharge points. Many companies from around the world have already booked early viewing appointments with a view to buying plant from the company and taking advantage of being first to market with this innovative technology in their own countries.

Source: MIDAS
Image courtesy of Salford Advertiser

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