Recruitment and training is underway at Trafford's Census 2011 processing centre - MIDAS

Recruitment and training is underway at Trafford's Census 2011 processing centre

The Manchester site that will process millions of completed census forms from England and Wales amid tight security next March is now fully equipped and ready to take in the first of its 1,300 staff for training.

Data capture, scanning, envelope slitting, sorting, removing spines from forms and shredding will all take place under one roof. The 180,000 square foot secure facility in Trafford Park, Greater Manchester is run by UK Data Capture Limited, on behalf of Office for National Statistics (ONS).

From March next year it will take delivery of up to 26 million paper questionnaires from England & Wales as well as processing all questionnaires that are completed online.

In March 2011, each household in England and Wales will receive a questionnaire either through the post or delivered by hand. The questionnaires can then be completed and returned by post or by using a new secure online questionnaire.

ONS Census Operations Director Ian Cope said: “We are now just four months away from census day on the 27th March 2011, and the completion of this secure facility is an important milestone in the census operation. The 1,300 staff will play a vital role in turning the data gathered on the questionnaires into the information that will be used by central and local government to plan local services for the future. The processing centre is where we turn all the ticks and written answers into numbers that everyone can use to allocate resources, plan policies and help people in future learn more about where they live.”

The Manchester site has the capacity to unload around 160,000 census questionnaires hourly from delivery lorries. The site can scan over 9,000 of the questionnaires an hour, the equivalent of 270,000 pages – taking around half a second to scan each household questionnaire.

Every questionnaire tick box and every written response for what job people do, what languages they speak and what ethnic group they are from, is given a code by the Manchester centre. Where written answers are not clear, a team of operators will be on hand to decipher what people wrote to ensure forms are correctly coded – but the staff don’t get to see the public’s names or the whole questionnaire to ensure confidentiality.

The public may have given the same information in different ways, for example by saying they are a primary school teacher or Year One teacher and are from Holland or the Netherlands – the coding is designed so all are counted in the same way. All the details once captured in Manchester, are then sent for collective analysis to ONS in Titchfield, Hampshire, from where the first results of the 2011 Census are expected in Summer 2012.

The Manchester site was chosen after a nationwide search for a location that had good transport links, a suitable workforce and could provide a secure environment. The Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA) and  MIDAS, Manchester’s Investment and Development Agency worked very closely with local partners to help secure the investment and 1300 new jobs for Trafford and the region.

Stephen Meyler, Director of UK Data Capture Limited said: “Security of personal data is at the forefront of the design of the facility, from the initial access, to the way staff move around the building. All staff will undergo security checks prior to their employment and no mobile phones, cameras or recording equipment will be permitted in the areas where personal information is being processed.”

Angie Robinson, Chief Executive at MIDAS, said: “We are delighted that Greater Manchester will be home to the 2011 Census data capture programme. It’s fantastic to see the site now fully fitted out and the first phase of recruitment well underway. With 1,300 jobs set to be created, the programme has already proved to be a massive boost for Greater Manchester with residents from across all ten boroughs applying for the vacancies.”

Mark Hughes, Acting Chief Executive of the NWDA, said: “This is a significant investment for Trafford and it will be exciting to see the first of the 1,300 positions arriving for training very soon. The NWDA has worked very closely with local partners, not only to secure this investment for the Northwest, but also to assist UKDC with this investment from concept, through fit-out and soon to the process of census questionnaires. Together we created a very strong team which helped secure this investment for Trafford and we are very proud of the work that has been done.”

Recruitment is now under way for the 1,300 staff needed at the facility.

The jobs range from team managers and team leaders to data handling roles and will last from six months up to a year.

The data processing centre in Manchester forms part of the wider 2011 Census programme that will create 35,000 temporary jobs across England and Wales.

Source: ONS

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