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Review confirms Manchester as key science and innovation hub

A new report published by New Economy has found that Manchester’s concentration of world-class scientific strength is well positioned to support the government’s ambitions to boost the effectiveness of government funded science and research activity.

The landmark review of Manchester’s science and innovation capacity, chaired by NESTA Chief Executive Jonathan Kestenbaum, and carried out by SQW, reported on how Manchester’s research and innovation assets align with the research priorities of government departments and national research councils.

The report found that:

Manchester has the density of world class scientific strength in areas similar to those in which government departments and national research councils invest;

The reports highlights the unique combination of assets along Corridor Manchester which include the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, NHS Hospitals, incubator and science park facilities;

Science investment is vital in driving the future growth of the Manchester economy and this in turn would play a meaningful role in the further development of the UK’s scientific base and driving the growth needed to secure a robust economic recovery; and

The report looks at how relocation decisions are taken and concludes that both in principle and in practice, there should be scope for more intensive conversations about how these could be taken forward in ways which would benefit Manchester and thereby the UK.

The report also notes that research organisations within Manchester were responsible for almost 6% of all UK research publications between 2006 and 2008. 40% of these were produced with foreign collaborators, indicating the quality and depth of work.

New Economy’s Chief Executive Mike Emmerich said: “This report confirms that Manchester should be considered a prime location for R&D investments and Public Sector Research Establishments. In this respect, the City is very well placed to support the current government’s ambitions in rebalancing the UK economy and laying the groundwork for building a sustainable science and R&D infrastructure.

He added: “The findings of the review will undoubtedly help shape our emerging science and innovation strategy and certainly aid us in our conversations with central government, especially in conveying the importance of Manchester in furthering national science and innovation policy”.

Source: New Economy Manchester

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