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Sedulo Produce Infographic to Explain R&D Tax Relief

Sedulo have produced this infographic to highlight Research and Development (R&D) tax relief, and what it looks like for businesses.

R&D tax relief is designed to assist companies aiming to develop new software and products by reducing their corporation tax bill or providing a repayable tax credit for companies who are not yet making profit.

Since it was launched in the year 2000, 100,000 R&D tax relief claims have been made by UK businesses, accounting for approximately £9.5 billion in reclaimed relief and credits.

However, there are still a number of businesses who undergo numerous projects which could be supported by an R&D claim, but do not make the application.

The infographic, produced by Sedulo explains what qualifies as R&D, who can apply, and how the relief works, while highlighting the true benefits of an R&D claim:

RSZ RD-infographic---Sedulo

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