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Sedulo Launches Wealth Management Division

Manchester-based accountancy firm Sedulo have expanded their product offering with the launch of Sedulo Wealth Management. The company which offers value added accountancy, taxation and corporate finance services now also offers independent financial advice to individuals, business owners and their workforce.

Sedulo, now in its fifth year with 20 employees have expanded their annual turnover in excess of 20% year on year. Whilst the focus has been on the corporate side of financial advice, the launch of wealth management enables a more holistic approach to its client base.

The Financial Conduct Authority (formerly FSA) has imposed fundamental changes to how financial advice is delivered. This has led to a large contraction in the market offering independent and unbiased advice with the likes of the traditional providers moving to restricted advice with a limited range of solutions.

Although the economic and the new regulatory environment is challenging, Sedulo Wealth Management have taken this opportunity to capitalise on a contracting and difficult market. They offer holistic financial advice alongside their existing tax planning service, allowing them to tailor and deliver a bespoke solution on a client by client basis.

Sedulo Wealth Management Director, Paul Lindfield says “There has been a trend of businesses coming out of the independent advice market to ultimately suit their business model. This effectively leads to people having less choice. We believe that every client is unique and that a one sized solution does not fit all. This is the fundamental reason behind launching a business that goes against the current industry tide.”

With the use of modern technology, Sedulo Wealth Management is able to deliver and construct bespoke financial advice accessible at the touch of a button twenty four hours a day. Financial forecasts are tailor-made to each client’s lifestyle, circumstance and future goals, to deliver a long-term and achievable plan.

Sedulo Accountancy and Wealth Management are innovative and forward thinking businesses with a tenacious approach to adding client value. Based on Deansgate Locks with a further office located in ‘The Sharp Project’ the brand is developing through proactively networking and seeking new businesses and professionals.

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