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Stockport economy gets £1.75 million boost

27 April, 2009

Stockport Council is investing £1.75 million into 20 different schemes to boost the borough’s economy and improve quality of life for residents.

The Council Executive approved the final list of schemes contained in two special ‘priorities’ funds for 2009-2010.

The first amount of cash – £750,000 – is permanent funding in the Council budget. This ‘Priority Improvement Provision’ (PIP) will be used for extra work on things residents feel are important to them. And a further £1 million in the ‘Priority Initiatives Fund’ (PIF) is one-off funding to help the economy, and complements the Stockport Boost campaign.

Under the ‘PIP’ the projects are:
· Improving cleanliness (£266k)
· Tackling anti-social behaviour in parks (£65k)
· ‘Pothole Moles’ (£175k)
· Town Centre Stewards (£50k) taking the total to 13 stewards in the borough
· Age Concern gardening service (£51k)
· Supporting young people (£30k)
· Sports outreach programme (£23k)
· Intensive Partnership Sweeps (£35k)
· Putting the Council crest on street name plates (£15k)
· More consultation with people (£40k)

And under the ‘PIF’, the projects are:

· Apprenticeship programme for 10 young people (£180k)
· ‘Stockport Into Work’ to help single parents or people with disabilities (£120k)
· More and improved litter bins (£85k)
· Festive lights for Stockport town centre including the historic Markets and Underbanks areas (£65k)
· Improving cleanliness (£130k)
· 100 new plots in allotments (£100k)
· Leisure and community facilities in Broadstone Mill in Reddish (£100k)
· Mobile CCTV (£30k)· Tackling drainage hotspots (£140k)
· Promoting Stockport Market and the Underbanks (£50k)

Council Leader Dave Goddard said: “At this very difficult time, the Council wants to provide more funding to help people gain employment and to improve their quality of life especially for communities which need extra help. The schemes reflect the key priorities of the Council. This additional money will strengthen existing services, and would not be at the expense of other priorities.

Source: Stockport MBC


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