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Manchester Metropolitan University


Manchester Metropolitan University is one of the most extensive higher education centres in Europe and is 12th out of 94 universities for health research. The University educates and trains large numbers of allied health professionals, scientists, engineers, legal and business professionals, teachers, and creative professionals. In the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, the University was recognised as a top ‘new’ university for our health research, which is independently rated as internationally excellent and world leading.

We are currently assessing different technology options for people with dementia. These technologies support independent living in the community, by enabling the person living with dementia to move independently in safe areas, utilising GPS tracking and the person with dementia or their carer to contact each other in case of an emergency.

Manchester Metropolitan has developed techniques to produce rapid 3D printed models to support surgical procedures. The models are tailored to represent exact configurations for each patient and are used for diagnosis and pre-surgical planning thereby significantly reducing anaesthetic time and the complexity of operations, whilst improving patient outcomes.

The University conducts innovative research around physiotherapy, activity, and the musculoskeletal system. For example, on combatting deterioration associated with ageing, the results of which have been used to develop guidelines for healthy ageing and to influence the designs of novel exercise therapies.

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