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NEWS 20th April 2017

Global Science Platform, AZoNetwork, Expands to NEO, the Heart of Manchester’s New Tech Community

  Global leader in Inbound Marketing for Science, Healthcare and Engineering, AZoNetwork leads the way for Manchester’s Tech Community with a move to NEO, Bruntwood’s brand new purpose built Telecomms, Media and Technology hub.­ Brad Topps, Head of Sales at Bruntwood commented: “We have been following AZoNetwork’s growth story with great interest and are delighted…

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“Manchester has a real pull for businesses to come and set up here.”
David Emery
IBM Vice President for General Business North

Advanced Manufacturing

advanced manufacturing at Cargills

Manchester makes things. We always have. The world’s first industrial city with the first factories and the first industrial estate. Manchester is a city of engineers that attracts the curious, the ambitious and the innovative. This is where Rolls met Royce; it’s where Ford built his first cars in Europe and where Williams and Kilburn built the world’s first computer. And it’s where the biggest brands of today and the brightest minds of tomorrow are making materials we can’t even see for applications we can barely imagine.

The scale of opportunity for advanced manufacturing in Manchester is limitless. Thousands of companies choose to base their research, design, development and manufacturing here. Global players like Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Hitachi, Thales and Siemens have built everything from the world’s biggest cornflake factory to a new global centre of excellence for renewable energy. Supply-chains are vital to manufacturers and our extensive road, rail, sea and air connections put you closer to customers, suppliers and new opportunities. Global export markets are in easy reach too thanks to Manchester Airport with hundreds of airlines flying to over 200 global destinations and a World Freight Terminal that handles daily cargo shipments to and from every corner of the world.

Manchester brings together the engineering skills that will energise your business. Our schools, colleges and universities produce world-class talent every year, including 4,000 science and engineering graduates. We’re very good at turning clever lab-based research into practical applications. Just like our latest Nobel Prize winners who isolated the world’s thinnest and most conductive material, graphene, which is 200 times stronger than steel. The Nobel Laureates work alongside 200 other researchers and industry at  the city’s National Graphene Institute(NGI) developing graphene applications of the future.

Manchester will also be home to the Sir Henry Royce Institute for Advanced Materials. Opening in 2018, The Royce Institute will be a world-leading facility for the discovery and translation for new materials. 2017 will see the arrival Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre. Together with NGI, GEIC will provide an unrivalled critical mass of graphene expertise. These three facilities will combine to reinforce Manchester’s position as a globally leading knowledge-base in graphene research and commercialisation.

You don’t need a Nobel Prize to choose Manchester, but if you’re looking for somewhere that’s passionate about engineering, that can unlock a world of opportunities and where the future is being made today – Manchester is the place for you.

To find out more about the advanced manufacturing sector in Greater Manchester, please contact:

Allison Brierley, Business Development Manager

Allison Brierley

Business Development Manager

Specialist in the chemicals and advanced manufacturing sectors.

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