Phoenix Way
Off Barton Dock Road
Greater Manchester
M41 7TB

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Trafford Waters, TRAFFORDOutline planning permission has been granted to create Trafford Waters, a new sustainable community spanning 53 acres of land on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal within the heart of TraffordCity.

TraffordCity, MANCHESTERSpanning 500 acres to the west of Manchester, TraffordCity is a place home to 300 of the most premium brands in retail and leisure as well as a plethora of sport, culture and event offerings that attract over 44 million people a year.

Therme, TRAFFORDPlans are in the pipeline to bring a once in a generation opportunity to TraffordCity which will revolutionise the health and wellbeing resort offering in the UK. Therme Resorts have secured planning at TraffordCity to bring its world-renowned health and wellbeing resort which will span 110,000 sq…

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