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Manchester based Indian owned Hero Cycles unveils new Insync bike range for UK market

Categories: Advanced Manufacturing

The world’s biggest bicycle manufacturer, Indian owned Hero Cycles has launched its keenly anticipated new range of bikes for the UK and European market under the new ‘Insync’ brand in Manchester.

The Insync range of 75 new bikes is the first designed by Hero’s new design team operating from the £2million Hero Cycles Global Design Centre (HGD) in Manchester, which opened in January 2017 following Hero’s investment in the Manchester based distribution house Avocet Sports Limited. Top bike names including three-time BMX world champion Shanaze Reade, from Crewe, will showcase the new Insync range to an audience of dignitaries and industry leaders at Old Trafford football ground, home of Manchester United.

Avocet Sports Limited’s CEO Sreeram Venkateswaran hailed the Insync launch as a ‘watershed moment’ for Hero as it seeks to grow its global market share. He said the new Insync range is designed to become one of the world’s leading bicycle brands for the mid-premium market in the £250 and £1500 price range.

“Today marks a fundamental change in our approach to the market,” he said. “Launching Insync is a hugely exciting moment for Hero Cycles, the moment when we truly arrive in the UK and European bike market. Hero has taken the brands of Viking, Riddick, Ryedale and DeNovo and totally redesigned the range to operate under the new Insync masterbrand which is very much aimed at the family and leisure market. But the big change is that we now have a very talented team of passionate and technically astute bike designers taking Avocet and the brands to another level. The Viking, Riddick, Ryedale and DeNovo bikes are now better engineered and better made than ever before. Launching Insync is the beginning of a journey for our new design team, as a company we are very ambitious to create the best bikes for our market sector. Consumers can expect to see lots of design innovations and improvements as the Insync brand grows. Insync’s launch sets us on an upward trajectory.”

Mr Venkateswaran said Hero Cycles is able to deliver top quality bikes at a great price because of its business model.

“With the backing of Hero Cycles we have been able to produce a range of bikes that catapult these brands into a whole new league in quality,” he said. “The twist is quality at a competitive value and price. It is precisely because we own our supply chain and operate four manufacturing centres it is much easier for us to make bikes to the highest standards, passing the saving to the consumer. The new Insync range can be a real industry disruptor.”

Mr Venkateswaran said Insync is a carefully crafted and created brand geared around fun, fitness and leisure.

“The Insync range is made for the family, helping them to relax and be active and healthy,” he said. “We see the Insync range as giving similar health benefits more like yoga, relaxing the body and mind and bringing oneself Insync with the surroundings. Recent reports suggest that cycling in older age can, for example, strengthen the immune system and protect people against diseases. Insync attempts to build a cycling culture that drives happiness and health.”

Mr Venkateswaran said Hero has also made a fundamental change to its sales strategy by deploying a new multi-channel approach to support the new Insync range. He said Insync will be available to consumers through the traditional Independent Bike Dealer (IBDs) sales channel along with a new direct to consumer sales approach. This will take the form of a new online sales platform launched in partnership with THG Ingenuity, the proprietary technology platform of leading online Beauty and Wellbeing business The Hut Group.

“This partnership enables Insync to be supported with a fully tested and integrated logistics solution which will ensure ease of buying, faster reach to our consumers and customer support services. This gives us the best possible buying experience. Our consumers will always have access to the entire range of bikes and all the latest offerings.

Mr Venkateswaran said the new Insync brand will help IBDs, who will benefit from a more coordinated marketing campaign designed to ramp up awareness and demand for a better range of bikes. He said the IBDs will also benefit from the online availability of marketing and communication assets, thereby improving both the efficiency of selling process and buying experience of the consumer.

The Insync bike range will be available to buy online: www.insyncbikes.com and from all good independent bike dealers.

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