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TOPdesk unveils further £2.3 million investment in Manchester as UK tops world ranking for investment

Categories: ecommerce

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Creative, Digital & Technology

Dutch-owned software provider, TOPdesk announces a further £2.3m investment into its Manchester operations today.

This investment comes at a time where the UK tops accounting firm EY’s world ranking for investment, overtaking the USA’s spot, held since 2014. This represents the high amount of FDI flows into the UK, which reached a record high of £1,337bn in 2017.

The company announces an expansion of its presence in the city, unveiling a new hub in premier business location City Tower, building upon its initial investment in the city centre in 2014. The business’s expansion in the Manchester area was supported by the Department for International Trade in partnership with the region’s inward investment agency MIDAS.

The technology firm’s new office replaces their previous premises in Barclay House, providing a larger space with the potential to create 100 new jobs over the next three years, adding to the 500 people they currently employ across 10 countries.

TOPdesk’s expansion in the city represents its plans to solidify the Manchester office as its UK growth hub, surpassing its London office. The larger site will allow the company to meet its growing client list in the area and take advantage of Manchester’s competitive operating costs, skilled graduate population and tech innovation.

Graham Stuart MP, Minister for Investment said:

“I’m delighted that an international company such as TOPdesk has decided to expand its business in Manchester, whose innovation and skilled workforce has led it to be on-par with Amsterdam in generating tech unicorns.

Not only does this investment help solidify the North’s strong record in attracting international business, it also reinforces the UK as a leading global tech hub. Our tech sector earned £6.3bn in venture capital investment in 2018, contributing to our position as the top destination for FDI flow in the world”.

David Cape-Brown, Branch Manager & Head of Recruitment at TOPdesk UK said:

“Our TOPdesk adventure in Manchester has been hugely rewarding so far and location has been a key ingredient of the continued growth of our customer base here in the UK. Excellent trade fairs like the IP Expo at Manchester Central and superb Universities with a fresh supply of top talented graduates is integral to our networking and recruitment success. Our northern hub has amplified our powerhouse status within the software industry and facilitated the positive impact of TOPdesk events such as SEE and TOPdesk on Tour.”

Tim Newns, CEO of MIDAS – Greater Manchester’s inward investment agency, said: 

“Since helping TOPdesk establish operations in Manchester in 2014, we have continued to work closely with the team to embed them within the city region’s diverse cluster of innovative tech companies and establish a reputation as a leading, Northern software firm.

As well as being responsible for attracting new business investment to Greater Manchester, MIDAS also helps existing companines grow within the region and TOPdesk is a shining example of how we can help international firms tap into Greater Manchester’s academic and professional resources, as well as the city’s deep talent pool, in order to thrive here.”

The expansion follows similar tech-focused foreign investments in Manchester, such as Estonian company Fractory choosing the city as its first international office, Amazon opening a new major tech hub and other major tech investments from GCHQ, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Jaguar Land Rover and Fingopay. Manchester is also home to five unicorn tech start-ups, including Boohoo and Onthebeach.com.

The city is recognized as a top UK tech hub, appearing on EDCI’s Top 20 European Digital City Index in 2016 with an industry turnover of £2.9 billion and employing 62,653 residents.

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