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Europe’s Largest IT Supplier, Bechtle Opens New Office in Manchester

Categories: Business Services

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Wiltshire based IT supplier, Bechtle are venturing north to be closer to their customers and drive growth within the UK

On Monday 1st July 2019, Bechtle UK officially opened their new office in Piccadilly, Manchester. Originating in Germany and opening their first UK office in 1998, Bechtle UK was founded in Plymouth before moving to their current location in Chippenham, Wiltshire in 1999. As one of the fastest growing cities in the UK and a hub for tech centric businesses, Manchester was selected as the destination for a second Bechtle UK office location.

Bechtle has enjoyed over 20 years of success as an IT supplier to businesses and public sector organisations across the UK. Bechtle provide a full portfolio of IT hardware, software, solutions and services and have a dedicated team of specialists to provide their customers with optimum solution design. The last two years have seen Bechtle’s turnover nearly double to around £70 million in the UK. It is envisaged that opening an office in the thriving northern hub of Manchester, will bring Bechtle closer to customers in the north of the country and provide new opportunities to add staff and further increase revenue.

The new office, located in the heart of Manchester, will provide a superb working environment in an easily accessible location. The new space at One Portland Street offers excellent infrastructure which meets the technical and operational needs of a modern IT business. James Napp, Managing Director of Bechtle UK comments:

“We’ve created a workspace that will nurture an open and friendly atmosphere." 

The premises are just a few minutes from Manchester Piccadilly and boast great connections to both the north of England and London.

In comparison to the Chippenham office which is home to 80 employees, the Manchester team started with 10 people on launch day, including 3 moving from Chippenham to take a leading role in building the northern business. With space for up to 36, Bechtle aims to expand to fill the office within 3 years. Napp adds:

We’re combining the experience of a number of existing employees with the enthusiasm of a new team in the Manchester office. In order to quickly move beyond the £100 million mark, Bechtle is investing in new pre-sales specialists as well as further training and development for existing staff around themes like hybrid IT, software, and modern workplace.

“Our goal is to combine our unique e-commerce capability with our expertise in solution-based IT. Our great relationships with customers and manufacturers such as HP, HPE, Lenovo, Dell, Cisco and Microsoft, will help us capitalise on the incredible growth opportunity in the UK market.”

Over the last 3 years, Bechtle UK have won awards for ‘Customer and Staff Care‘, ‘Medium Sized Enterprise‘, ‘Best Business to Work For‘ as well as ‘Business Person of the Year‘ for Managing Director, James. In 2019, Bechtle UK also won the most coveted award, ’Outstanding Excellence’ at the Wiltshire Business Awards 2019.

“We are extremely proud of the success that we have achieved at our Chippenham office over the last 21 years of trading in the UK. We are excited for the opportunity to bring the same level of success to the Manchester area”, said James. 

Tim Newns, CEO of MIDAS, Manchester’s inward investment agency commented:

“We are proud to welcome Bechtle to Manchester’s growing tech community. With Bechtle joining the likes of HPE, Amazon and Cisco who are already here, today’s announcement is a demonstration of how Manchester’s tech strengths and connectivity are combining to build business growth across the IT sector.”

For more information on what Bechtle can offer, please visit – www.bechtle.com/gb

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