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COVID-19: Accelerating Data Sharing Across Greater Manchester

29 May 2020

Categories: Health Analytics

Healthcare Data

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Life Science & Healthcare and Cyber Security

Health Innovation Manchester is working to improve and accelerate the deployment of data sharing across health and care in Greater Manchester through the GM Care Record. This includes additional functionality to enable front-line workers to provide the best care of patients in response to COVID-19.
This will:
• Greatly enhance clinical decision making
• Provide access to vital information on medications, test results, allergies, care plans and priority alerts
• Reduce instances of harm
• Enhance care planning
• Inform care coordination across settings and geographies.
It’s imperative that clinicians and care professionals have access to the latest patient information to enable them to make decisions that provide the best possible care and support and Greater Manchester’s £6 billion devolved health and social care budget has been a crucial factor in helping the city region achieve this.
The project is backed by a Greater Manchester-wide approach to data protection and information sharing in accordance with national guidance and will ensure patient information is shared safely, securely and legally.

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