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Global financial services firm chooses Manchester

Categories: Banking and Financial Services

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Financial, Professional and Business Services

Fitch Group, a global leader in financial information services, today announced its plans to open a second UK office, based in Manchester.

Expanding with a new UK office will help Fitch Group deliver on its growth plans, with the expansion providing access to a diverse range of talent in the North-West of England. Fitch Manchester is expected to be operational by September 2019, with up to 25 staff operating from a central location by the end of the year. Fitch Group then intends to increase its presence steadily over the next two years.

Paul Taylor, CEO and President of Fitch Group, said:

“Fitch Manchester will be an important long-term complementary location to Fitch's London office - much the same as our Chicago and New York offices are in the United States. Our aim is to base both non-analytical and analytical team members there over time."

We chose Manchester following a wide-ranging study of possible locations because it is the best overall fit for our business. There is a mature and diverse finance, tech and professional services presence in the city, as well as good transport links internationally and with London. Importantly, we feel Manchester has a growth story that resonates with ours. We see the potential in the city's talent pool, especially graduate talent, and believe that Manchester will become an even greater source of talent in future years."

Fitch Group will build its team in Manchester through local recruitment, voluntary moves and by using turnover to move appropriate roles from London over time.

Fitch Manchester will be located in Lowry House, a modern office block located in the central business area, near Manchester Piccadilly station. The initial plan is to be based there for 1-2 years as the team is built and to then move to a permanent location nearby.

Tim Newns, CEO of MIDAS – Manchester’s inward investment agency, said:

“Fitch Group is a fantastic international brand addition to the city region and as one of the world’s leading ratings agencies, will add further breadth to what is already a full financial services offer in Greater Manchester. The firm will be in the perfect position to capitalise on the high-growth market and wealth of expert talent available here, due to Greater Manchester being home to the UK’s largest financial, professional and business services industry outside of the capital.

The city region is a hotbed for innovation and collaboration, providing the firm with numerous opportunities to join forces with other world-leading brands that have chosen to establish operations here. We’re looking forward to welcoming Fitch Group to Greater Manchester in September and helping to embed them within the city region’s burgeoning financial services community.”

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