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Recruitment drive as Manchester-based life science firm expands globally

Categories: Life Science and Healthcare

Women working in a lab

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Life Science & Healthcare

Since consolidating their headquarters in Manchester last year after acquiring Elucigene Diagnostics, Yourgene Health – an innovative molecular diagnostics company – has gone from strength to strength and are experiencing a significant geographical expansion including the recruitment of a diverse selection of roles based at CityLabs in Manchester’s city centre.

Following the successful launch of their COVID19 test, Clarigene® earlier this year, the company is now growing rapidly, and they have recently opened several new roles to not only champion this new service but to support their phenomenal global growth.

Test accuracy and increased patient confidence are key drivers for Yourgene Health’s work. The company employs the latest advances in DNA technology and as a result can develop tests for non-invasive screening and other applications. Their flagship product, the IONA®test is the first non-invasive in vitro diagnostic CE marked product prenatal screening enabling clinical laboratories to offer a regulated NIPT in-house.

The company’s expansion into new territories including the US and Canada, France and Asia  has significantly increased their international footprint, with the recruitment of a further 24 employees since November 1st bringing the total number of employees to around 140 in the UK and fast approaching 200 globally. Jo Cross, Director of Marketing said:

“Our marketing team has already doubled in size and as we continue to expand our product portfolio and continue to roll-out a new extensive product and service menu we are eager to recruit the right talent.”

With a range of exciting roles yet to fill, the company is looking for talented and committed individuals with an ambitious and innovative mindset, for positions ranging from scientists and technicians to marketing experts and developers.

Yourgene’s culture is described by employees as collegiate, friendly, professional, innovative, open and fast-paced. The company has many social and wellbeing initiatives that keep their sense of community alive even during the pandemic and their facilities are very much a reflection of their team attitude – high-tech, vibrant and modern.

Ellen Pooler, Digital Marketing Specialist at Yourgene said:

“Yourgene invests heavily in its culture. Amongst other things, there is an active social huddle with weekly activities and challenges. It is a fun, fast-paced and dynamic place to work with regular focus groups and surveys to enable the team to provide their feedback and suggestions for improvements. Feedback is always valued and taken on board.”

Acknowledging the critical role which all employees play in their growth journey, the company focuses on putting values-led programmes in place to ensure that they attract, retain and develop their staff.

Ellen continued:

“There is an abundance of training and development opportunities such as secondments to other teams, an online learning platform where the team can take control of their own learning and routes to progress through the company. It’s one of the things I most love about working here. I’ve been here six years and have been offered consistent opportunities to progress”.

Equality and diversity also play an integral role. This is now more important than ever as the company spans multiple markets with different cultures and languages. With over 50% of female scientists and a newly appointed female board member, Yourgene is also successfully driving a good gender balance.  

As their scale-up demonstrates, Yourgene has really thrived in Manchester:

“Being in Manchester has been fundamental to our success” explains Jo. “We have access to fantastic universities and a class-leading genetics hub with easy access to a rich pool of talent. In addition, the quality of life here is second to none with amazing cultural and sporting venues close by with straight forward and efficient transport links. Manchester is an attractive, exciting and vibrant place to both live and work.”

Find out more here about the opportunities available in Manchester and beyond.

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