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  1. The UK is committed to tackling cyber security and Manchester, home to the nation’s fastest-growing cyber ecosystem, is the driving force.

    Birthplace of the industrial revolution as well as the world’s first stored program computer, Manchester is a pioneering city that never stops innovating. Today, Manchester is leading the way in defending digital assets from hackers and the boom in cyber security businesses setting up in or moving to the city demonstrates the growing demand for its world class cyber security expertise.

    Manchester has nurtured homegrown digital security companies including Avecto, Hedgehog, NCC Group and Secarma, and has attracted established cyber divisions of global defence companies such as Raytheon, BAE Systems AI and Northrop Grumman as well as consulting firms including KPMG to establish itself as a city committed to cyber security innovation and collaboration.

    Manchester is now also home to the UK’s government security agency GCHQ – placing the city at the heart of the nation’s IT security effort. The national agency established a strategic hub in Manchester in 2019 and has plans to grow up to 1,000 staff.

    MIDAS, Manchester’s economic development agency, provides free, bespoke and confidential support to cyber security companies looking to relocate to or expand in the city region.

    To find out more about why Manchester attracts top cyber security companies as well as how MIDAS can help de-risk your business’ move to the city, get in touch with the team today.

    Opening our Manchester hub is a unique and exciting opportunity to draw on the talents of one of the most diverse cities in the UK.

    Jeremy Fleming, Director of GCHQ

    Why Manchester?

    Manchester’s cyber ecosystem sits at the heart of a thriving £5 billion digital economy and has been recognised as a Top 20 European Digital City due to the depth and breadth of its digital and technology industry.

    The diversity of Manchester’s business landscape, which includes the UK’s largest regional FinTech industry, digitally-enabled health and social care, a vibrant eCommerce hub and a vast industrial base that is embracing digital solutions, offers cyber companies unrivalled market opportunity.

    Being the place where the knowledge economy intersects with industry, cyber firms are often drawn to Manchester by the opportunity to collaborate and innovate with the highly-skilled, specialist knowledge holders across the city region’s five universities, where more than 100,000 people study.

    Those universities produce quality graduates every year, providing a sustainable pool of talent in addition to the 86,000 already employed in the creative, digital and technology industry. 

    Manchester is also a net importer of talent – it is second in the world for attracting talent from London, with only New York attracting more. People who are attracted to by the city’s vibrant cultural scene, good transport links, easy access to the countryside and a lower cost of living than capital cities.

    Manchester is 2nd in the world for attracting talent from London, behind only New York City.

    Civic Ambition

    Already recognised as a centre of cyber security excellence, Manchester is not a city to rest on its laurels – it aims to establish itself as a world-leading cyber super hub and has the infrastructure, leadership and mandate to make it happen.

    The city has implemented numerous initiatives to ensure it is recognised as one of the best cities in the world for developing and harnessing digital technology and cement its reputation as a leading centre of information security innovation and research, which include:

    Cyber Innovation Centre – a new £10m programme to facilitate the growth of cyber security businesses in the region, providing collaborative space in which companies, universities and government can share best practice in tackling cyber threats.

    GM Cyber Foundry – a £6m ERDF funded initiative, which four north west universities are collaborating on, to be run out of the Cyber Innovation Centre with the aim of encouraging engagement between a range of businesses on cyber innovation research.

    Above all, Greater Manchester is a place that gets things done. We have a long history of proven public/private partnerships combined with stable local civic leadership conducive to innovation and growth. Our combined authority, a joint governance of ten councils, share a strategy for economic growth and work together to drive the region’s cyber activity.

    How MIDAS Can Help You

    MIDAS, Manchester’s inward investment agency, helps businesses establish a foothold in one of Europe’s top destinations for cyber security innovation.

    The services provided by MIDAS save businesses money, time and effort. By providing you with access to expert knowledge and local intelligence, we can ensure a faster and more successful relocation or expansion.

    To find out more about how MIDAS can help your business move to Manchester, get in touch with the team today. You can also keep up-to-date with us via Twitter and LinkedIn.

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