Home to the only fully e-enabled NHS Trust in England

Home to the only fully e-enabled NHS Trust in England

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Life Science and Healthcare

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    A city of firsts, Manchester introduced In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment to the world enabling the birth of over 8 million babies and pioneered the first total hip replacement surgery and bionic eye implants.  Home to world-leading research and development assets as well as the largest clinical academic campus in Europe, the city region continues to be at the forefront of innovative healthcare treatments to revitalise and transform patient care.  

    As the first UK city to have devolved control of its £6 billion health and social care budget, the  region has developed a more streamlined innovation adoption pathway overseen by Health Innovation Manchester, with the aim of delivering new health and social care innovations at pace and scale serving the region’s 11.8 million extended patient population, representing a unique opportunity to life science companies. 

    The city region is digitally-focused and is home to the first fully e-enabled NHS Trust. It has a deep concentration of proteogenomic expertise – a major factor in Qiagen’s decision to establish itself here and has been recognised by the UK government as ‘an exemplar site for new diagnostic and screening methodologies’. Acknowledged as the UK’s first age-friendly city region by the World Health Organisation, Manchester is also the ideal test-bed location to develop, commercialise and implement healthy ageing solutions.  

    MIDAS, Manchester’s economic development agency, provides free, bespoke and confidential support to life science and healthcare companies looking to relocate to or expand in the city region.

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  2. Digital Health
    Manchester is uniquely placed to work collaboratively with health technology opening up significant opportunities for companies looking to innovate and optimise healthcare through MedTech, medical devices and cyber security.
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  4. Precision Medicine
    Manchester’s specialisms in genomics, proteomics, imaging and biomarkers along with key research strengths in cardiovascular and oncology provides the ideal environment for advancing precision medicine.
  5. Healthy Ageing
    With a diverse and thriving healthy ageing industry, Manchester is the perfect place to tap into the global healthy ageing (longevity) market which is estimated to be in the region of $34 trillion.
  6. Home to Leading Brands

    The regions clinical and academic excellence are the reasons why businesses such as Qiagen Kratos Analytical, Hologic, Abbott Rapid Diagnostics, Yourgene Health, E-Lucid, Marion Surgical, Allscripts, Affinity Biomarkers Lab, Digi Dentistry, Lonza, Proteintech Group and Chiesi have a presence here.

  7. It is not only the presence of academic institutions but how they interact with business and how they are supported by government organisations that made the difference and has made Manchester a leading business incubator.

    Dr Jordan Petkov, Director of Global Technology and MCS strategy, Lonza

  8. Why Manchester?

    The city region’s five universities boast a sustainable pipeline of graduate talent, globally recognised clinical and research capabilities and world-leading biomedical and biotechnology centres providing opportunities to converge and collaborate with industry to pioneer new health innovations.

    As both a digitally mature region and a global destination for advanced manufacturing, Manchester sits at the forefront of healthcare transformation. Home to the first fully e-enabled NHS trust and the first region in the UK to have a fully integrated care record for its 2.8million citizens, Manchester is spearheading the discovery and adoption of new tech-enabled solutions, giving companies the opportunity to leverage  the AI and cyber skills for data driven healthcare innovation and explore the medical applications of new materials, such as Graphene in SMART and connected medical devices. 

    Located at the heart of the UK, Manchester has excellent global connectivity, providing firms with outstanding access to international healthcare hubs. Manchester also offers businesses a diverse and experienced talent pool, 30-40% lower operating costs than in the capital and outstanding quality of life for employees. 

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    Manchester’s world leading research facilities, digital strengths and its deep talent pool make it the perfect place for life science and healthcare firms to thrive.

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