The 1st UK city with devolved control of its £6bn health and social care budget

The 1st UK city with devolved control of its £6bn health and social care budget

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  1. Manchester is where the first stored program computer was created and today is a global tech hub with organisations such as GCHQ, Google and Amazon already based here. This emerging digital infrastructure means that Manchester is uniquely placed to work collaboratively with companies looking to digitally optimise healthcare.

    Salford Royal, now part of the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust has led the way in the use of Electronic Patient Records and other digital solutions, and was selected as a Global Digital Exemplar. De-identified data is used for service and research projects improving care, including in collaboration with commercial partners, such as for the Salford Lung StudyThe Christie hospital introduced the UK’s first proton beam therapy centre to advance the treatment of cancer.

    Manchester is home to a host of digital and tech incubators which all provide coworking spaces and accelerator programmes to support scaling from disruptive tech to sustainable business, including Bruntwood SciTech's Tech Incubator at Circle Square, their accelerator at Manchester Science Partnership - Mi-IdeaHOST Salford is also home to highly advanced AR and VR facilities which support digital delivery services for health and social care.

    Manchester nurtures small innovative companies such as e-Lucid and Push Doctor and provides large established organisations such as Allscripts the right opportunities to prosper here. 

    MIDAS, Greater Manchester’s inward investment agency, helps businesses connect with local expertise, as well as the city’s pioneering universities, enabling them to establish a foothold in a leading destination for Digital Health.

    Why Manchester?

    Manchester has ambitious plans to create ‘Digital First’ channels for health and social care services. Projects such as Safe Steps and Smart Hearts use remote apps and devices to create individualised care plans, detect early deterioration and prevent hospital admissions.

    Home to leading digital cyber security companies like GCHQ, Raytheon and Secarma and The Greater Manchester Cyber Resilience Centre, Manchester also offers the perfect cyber security framework to protect sensitive health data. 

    Experts in Clinical Trials

    With over 250,000 people taking part in research studies in the past five years, Manchester offers companies a diverse volunteer pool at a top performing UK clinical trials delivery centre. The city region has exceeded the national benchmark with 100% Recruitment to Time and 88% Recruitment to Target – 10% higher than the next best performing region.

    Based in Manchester, NorthWest EHealth (NWEH) provide world class clinical trial design and management, helping companies to safely accelerate critical treatment programs to patients and are leading the way in the innovative and trustworthy use of routinely collected healthcare data for clinical trials.

    As demonstrated through the Salford Lung Study, NWEH developed pioneering technology in collaboration with Salford Royal NHS Foundation, NHS England and local general practices and pharmacies to capture patient data. The cutting -edge technology allowed the research team to monitor patients’ health via Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in ‘real time’ over the course of the study with minimal intrusion into their daily lives. See the full report here.

    As a result of this successful innovation, NWEH senior leaders were asked to contribute to the FDA policy development on the use of real-world data.  

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    Manchester’s established industry strengths, continual growth and its deep talent pool make it the perfect place for digital healthcare firms to thrive. 

    To find out more about how MIDAS can help your business investment in Manchester, get in touch with the MIDAS team today. You can also keep up-to-date with us via Twitter and LinkedIn

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