Greater Manchester boasts an exceptional academic landscape with a storied history that resonates globally. Renowned for its prestigious universities, the city region stands as an academic powerhouse, consistently pushing the boundaries of research, knowledge, and learning.

In honour of International Day of Education, we celebrate Greater Manchester's commitment to intellectual growth and look forward to what the city region’s academic institutions have to offer in 2024.

University of Manchester –

University of Manchester

In 2024, The University of Manchester are set to commemorate its bicentenary, marking 200 years of academic excellence and transformative contributions. A diverse and engaging 12-month program has been curated, featuring special events, competitions, campus tours, and the highlight of the Universally Manchester Festival in June. 

Recent research from Cardinal Steels and Online Marketing Surgery shows The University of Manchester is the 2nd most popular university and 11th cheapest accommodation.

Manchester Metropolitan University - 

Manchester Metropolitan University

As 2024 unfolds, The Manchester Metropolitan University stands poised to continue its legacy of innovation, learning, and community engagement. As a part of the city of Manchester, the Manchester Metropolitan University are also set to mark the 200th anniversary, showcasing the successes and the incredible work the university are doing to build a better future for all.

University of Salford –

University of Salford

University of Salford continues to thrive as the university has been successful in a competition from the Office for Students (OfS) for funding to increase equality of opportunity for degree apprenticeships. The initiative aims to grow capacity and capability within the Higher Education sector to meet present and future skills needs. This is a great opportunity for many students, especially of minority and disadvantaged backgrounds, who have historically found higher education harder to access.

University Academy 92 –

UA92 (University Academy 92) is planning to expand its operations into Manchester city centre after surpassing growth forecasts.

The University Academy 92 (UA92) are coming into 2024 on the back of a great year, where UA92 were awarded with an overall Silver Award in the Teaching Excellence Framework 2023. Furthermore, with the launch of the City Centre Business School the future looks promising for UA92. Working alongside leading corporates such as: Microsoft, TalkTalk, KPMG and Manchester United it said the campus will drive modernisation through the education whilst also offering a unique insight into future career paths through mentorships and work experience.

University of Bolton –

university of bolton

Building on its impressive 14th position in England for advancing social mobility, the University of Bolton looks forward to a future where it continues to transform lives. The recognition in the English Higher Education Social Mobility Index highlights the university's commitment to widening access and delivering a gold standard education. The acknowledgment in the index fuels Bolton's determination to be a catalyst for societal change and individual growth.


In summary, Greater Manchester's universities collectively establish the city region as the educational capital of the world. The city region’s commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility solidifies its reputation as a premier destination for those seeking a world-class educational experience.

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