Advanced Manufacturing Lightweighting

The UK has a high demand for lightweight materials, which is predicted to be worth £171 billion globally by 2023. UK Government has identified Manchester as the perfect location to access this opportunity.

Where Charles Rolls met Henry Royce and where the wonder material graphene was first isolated, Manchester is a city of innovation. The city is also located at the heart of two transport clusters and Europe’s largest aerospace cluster offering easy access to end users, is home to world leading research and innovation assets, and offers businesses access to government funding and a talented workforce.

Manchester’s location provides easy access to end manufacturers including Rolls Royce, Bentley, Airbus, BAE systems, Vauxhall and Thales. Automotive, aerospace and rail manufactures are driving the demand for lightweight, but strong, materials in a bid to reduce carbon emissions. These high strength low weight materials also have applications in sectors such as construction and energy.

In Manchester we are working to create a permanent settlement for people to live in outer space so there is no limit to what can be achieved here
— Vivek Koncherry, CEO Graphene Innovations Manchester Limited

Sub Sectors

Manchester has the infrastructure in place to support innovation, business growth and commercialisation.


Manchester is located at the heart of the largest aerospace cluster in Europe and the second largest…


Manchester has the best international connectivity in the UK outside of London – a gateway to a…

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