Advanced Manufacturing Industry 4.0

Greater Manchester has a deep-rooted history of discovery, invention and an unrelenting curiosity that saw it at the helm of the Industrial Revolution. 

The combination of world-class research institutes, leading minds and investment across diverse industries such as advanced materials, recycling, nuclear, food and drink, aerospace, energy, and healthcare have built a collaborative ecosystem that continues to grow and diversify.  

In the modern-day you’ll see these core strengths continuing to power its status as a leading UK city of innovation and as we step into a rapidly transforming world of technology, our report explores the Greater Manchester organisations and academia that are on the frontline of discovery; and the market opportunities in the industry that could define the future of manufacturing and beyond.   

Advanced Manufacturing showed significant growth last year, with a record number of exciting projects – companies investing here for the first time and existing businesses expanding - creating high-quality roles in Greater Manchester as a result of foreign direct investment. Thanks to the collaborative approach across the city-region from ambitious experts at our world-leading programmes, our position at the heart of the UK’s largest manufacturing and advanced engineering cluster is growing stronger. Investment at government level will only help fuel this further.
— Rhys Whalley – Acting Managing Director, MIDAS

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Our report showcases how our city-region is stepping into the future by drawing from its rich industrial heritage, a community spirit and a plethora of world-class expertise.

Manchester: Creating a Vibrant 4th Industrial Revolution

Rachel Eyre

Head of Inward Investment - Advanced Manufacturing and Low Carbon

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