Digital in our DNA

Home to a thriving £6 billion digital ecosystem, Manchester's reputation for the radical has seen it take a leading position across established and emerging digital sectors, creating commercial opportunities, and leveraging tech to transform tomorrow’s business landscape.

Manchester is one of the most vibrant and modern cities in Europe, with strong education links and high connectivity, offering outstanding opportunities and quality of life for our team. The new Enterprise City space is the perfect home for game development, with its deep investment in businesses focused on media, technology and creativity.
—  Chris Roberts, CEO of Cloud Imperium Games

Digital In Our DNA

Manchester; the city to scale for Digital and Tech businesses

From start-ups to SMEs to global brands including Google, BooHoo, The Hut Group, and Microsoft, Manchester has more than 10,000 digital and tech businesses. Sitting side by side in the city’s digital and technology clusters, incubators and co-working spaces, together they converge, collaborate and drive innovation.

The city region innovates across a variety of sectors and in 2020, a world-first AI study found that Manchester outperforms all other major UK cities in fields including AI and data,  cyber security, eCommerce and IoT. Manchester is also home to the UK's largest regional FinTech ecosystem.

A leading destination for Foreign Direct Investment, Manchester has recently been voted as the UK’s most entrepreneurial city offering pioneering companies, large and small, the key ingredients to commercialise fresh and novel ideas.

Find out more here about why Manchester is the city to scale and how your business could thrive here.

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Manchester’s thriving ecosystem, history of innovation and its deep talent pool make it the perfect place for digital and technology companies that are looking to drive the future of the industry.

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Manchester's breadth and depth of expertise enables cross-industry opportunities for collaboration and a world-class offer for the international investor.

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Manchester offers access to world-leading research facilities, state-of-the-art…

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