MIDAS Partnership

Who are we?

The public-private MIDAS Partnership was established to take a team approach to marketing Greater Manchester.

Developing a collaborative approach around shared objectives and areas of interest, through the MIDAS Partnership, has enabled MIDAS to be more ambitious in its strategy and reach larger, more diverse audiences.

The MIDAS Partnership comprises some of Greater Manchester and the UK’s leading property developers and is chaired by Joe Manning, Managing Director of MIDAS, supported by Audrey Peers, Head of Business Development – Strategic Partnerships.


MIDAS Partnership Aims

1. Grow the international impact of inward investment to increase Greater Manchester’s investment pipeline

2. Extend the global business marketing of Greater Manchester to drive more investor interest and visibility

3. Strengthen research, data and market analysis capabilities to drive a forensic sales approach and increase conversion

4. Increase high-value and capital investment into Greater Manchester

Our Successes

Establishing the MIDAS Partnership has enabled Greater Manchester to build on its success, deliver more investment, create more jobs and firmly cement the city region as one of the world’s leading location for foreign direct investment. 

The MIDAS Partnership’s investment has enabled MIDAS to implement a new business development strategy, invest in research to futureproof its approach to company targeting and has seen the agency showcase Greater Manchester’s offer at a record number of events globally.


Contact Audrey Peers if you’re interested in becoming a MIDAS Partner.

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