Innovate Manchester: Syngenta Challenge

Innovate Manchester is designed to find fresh ideas and tangible solutions to challenges faced by local businesses.

The new 2022 programme will consist of four themed cohorts running from September to December 2022, bringing together large organisations, Greater Manchester SMEs and academics with the dedicated and ongoing support of MIDAS and the GC Business Growth Hub.

We are delighted to launch the second challenge with Syngenta.


Can you rise to the challenge?

Innovate Manchester is looking for SMEs who are open to collaborate and have significant expertise in digital upskilling within a manufacturing or agricultural production setting.

This exciting opportunity will provide the successful SME with the opportunity to work directly with Syngenta to help develop a solution.


‘The Challenge’

The challenge revolves around upskilling Syngenta's employees to create a workforce for the future. They need a new system for training their staff without removing them from the shopfloor and without relying on simple online training workshops.

Syngenta is looking for a partner that can work closely with the team to produce a “Digital/Data Literacy” learning model and, crucially, to advise on how to deliver this model suitable for a manufacturing / shop floor environment. The aim is to improve employee capabilities in data literacy and digital ways of working that will effectively address current business challenges and support Syngenta’s strategic ambitions.

Commercially, it is not an option to take employees off the floor to complete the training. Syngenta has a number of partners able to create the learning materials but none have been able to create a solution that can be delivered in the production environment without access to devices such as laptops or mobile phones.

SMEs with experience in delivering training in restricted environments and/or creating tech solutions that work in manufacturing settings, are invited to an innovation workshop on 11 October. Eligible participants will be provided with further documentation of the training required and specific restrictions of the production site. Following the workshop, there will be the opportunity to pitch a solution to Syngenta, to be developed with the support of the GC Business Growth Hub Innovation team.

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About Syngenta

Global demand for Syngenta’s crop protection solutions is growing and the company footprint is expanding through recent mergers and consolidation between Syngenta, Adama and Sinochem. With this growth comes new opportunities and challenges that will require investment in their organisational capabilities and modernising their ways of working.

Within the Production and Supply organisation, they have multiple strategic programs underway with significant investment to upskill our digital and data capability. One of these programs is Syngenta Smart Manufacturing (SSM) which will be a key enabler of the transformation of Syngenta’s manufacturing operating model.

The current Syngenta Manufacturing landscape consists of:

• Four Active Ingredient (AI) factories (batch + continuous process)

• 19 Formulation Fill & Packaging (FF&P) sites

• Three mixed sites (AI + FF&P)

• One pilot plant, producing small volumes to support NPI, partially integrated into the manufacturing ecosystem.


The opportunity for SMEs in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester based SMEs interested in providing a solution are invited to express interest in learning more at an innovation workshop on Tuesday 11th October. Please see the SME Brochure here for more information on the Innovate Manchester programme and eligibility criteria.

The workshop will include representatives from Syngenta, a select number of SMEs, specialists in this field from GC Business Growth Hub, MIDAS and local universities.

The workshop will comprise of a panel discussion and Q&A session with the opportunity to learn more and speak directly to representatives from Syngenta. Following the workshop, Syngenta will shortlist SMEs to pitch for the project and those selected will receive pitch support from GC Business Growth Hub specialist Advisors and key academics in the field of digital upskilling and manufacturing/agriculture where appropriate.

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