Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) has joined partners from around the world as part of the Smart Hospital Alliance (SHA) to drive the expansion of cutting-edge digital health technologies for the benefit of our patients and communities.

Facilitated and connected by Health on Cloud, a platform-driven company established by South Korean doctors, MFT has been recognised as a globally leading hospital for digital health technologies, and has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Alliance.

Excitingly, as part of the alliance, Manchester has been chosen by Health on Cloud as their first physical centre of operations outside of Asia, bringing this opportunity to the Oxford Road Corridor innovation district where they will be located with MFT’s partner Bruntwood SciTech at their Circle Square Tech Incubator.

Dr Iain McLean, Managing Director for Research and Innovation at MFT, said:

“ We are delighted to have joined the Smart Hospital Alliance with our partners from around the world.”

“ Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust is committed to developing new and innovative solution – such as virtual and augmented reality – for greater patient benefit, and this agreement symbolises an exciting step in that direction.”

“ We look forward to exploring further opportunities as part of the Alliance.”

MIDAS, the organisation that assists businesses that are expanding or establishing a base in Greater Manchester, has strategically supported Health on Cloud in developing the vision for this project.

Tim Newns, Chief Executive of MIDAS, said:

“ This inspiring new partnership between MFT and the SHA further cements the open innovation opportunities presented by Greater Manchester.”

“ Already leading in the field of digital health, the collaboration will not only deepen the digital and tech possibilities for patient health in our city region, but will enable the exchange of knowledge and expertise between regions globally, providing a rich example for future international healthcare partnerships.”

“ The metaverse in healthcare is here to stay and Greater Manchester is at the cutting edge of this opportunity.”

Professor Ben Bridgewater, Chief Executive at Health Innovation Manchester, an academic health science and innovation system, said:

“ Health Innovation Manchester is delighted to join up with international partners as part of this Alliance, as once again we see Greater Manchester recognised as a global leader in digital health technologies and innovation.”

“This partnership echoes exactly what we are working to achieve as an organisation, as we see digital to be a key driver in our continued efforts to accelerate innovation at pace and scale, for the benefit of our citizens across the city-region and beyond.”

“ We are all excited to see what this Alliance will bring in the future.”

Seung-il Park, President of Asan Medical Centre, said:

If we collaborate and co-produce high-quality VR contents the impact of the Smart Hospital Alliance in the field of medical education will be astounding. We are grateful to be part of this Alliance and look forward to taking the next step together.” 

Chin Youb Chung, former South Korean Minister of Health and Welfare, said:

“I believe that the Smart Hospital Alliance will serve as a necessary foundation to build global collaboration in research and the development of digital healthcare services.”

Chuen Neng Lee, Clinical Director of the Institute for Health Innovation & Technology at NUS, added:

“This brilliant programme will change the landscape of global health. It is led by medical leaders in a collaboration which is cross national and cross disciplinary."

“The excellent utilisation of digital health technology, mixed reality, augmented intelligence and data technologies will improve healthcare delivery and discovery.”