Degree apprenticeships are improving the lives and careers of apprentices and boosting social mobility. 

New analysis of the impact of Manchester Metropolitan University’s degree apprenticeship programmes shows that 98% of the University’s apprentices said that their apprenticeships had positively impacted their career growth and development.  

The data will be part of a new report, set to be published this summer, showing the impact of the programmes on apprentices, employers and industry.

It also comes ahead of National Apprenticeship Week and builds on Manchester Met's ‘Force for Change’ report, which outlines how degree apprenticeships have increased opportunities for learners from disadvantaged backgrounds and boosted earnings. 

As a key driver for social mobility, 44% of Manchester Met degree apprentices are the first in their family to go to university while 38% of apprentices are from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Degree apprenticeships are also increasing opportunities for those from diverse backgrounds, with 26% of all Manchester Met apprentices being from Black, Asian and ethnic minorities. 

Jonathan Lawson, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Manchester Met, said: “We have been able to show that our degree apprenticeships deliver great things for our apprentices, employer partners and for the wider economy. 

“Our programmes provide an opportunity for students to earn while they learn, while applying what they learn in the classroom directly to their workplace which creates a great platform for success.” 

Taking place from February 5 to February 11, National Apprenticeship Week brings together businesses and apprentices from across the country to showcase the positive impact that apprenticeships make to individuals, businesses and the wider economy.  

Manchester Met has been a leading provider of degree apprenticeships since 2015 and now works with more than 600 employers and over 2,500 apprentices through its programmes across the UK.    

The programmes are a key success in the University’s work to drive economic growth, which is being celebrated this year to mark Manchester Met’s 200th anniversary

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