Valloop Launch


Valloop, a strong advocate for employee ownership, proudly announces its newest office in Stockport, Manchester, marking a significant milestone in the company's expansion efforts.  

Valloop is proud to be the first business to set up in the newly built shared office space at STOK (formerly the renowned M&S building), following a welcome introduction from MIDAS, Greater Manchester’s Inward Investment Agency and Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. 


Stephen Greenwood, CEO at Valloop says

“The move to Stockport aligns with our core mission of empowering SME (Small to Medium sized Enterprise) employees and creating sustainable business growth for SMEs. By embracing employee ownership, we are striving for a culture where employees aren’t just workers but valued members with a voice and stake in the company’s success.” 

Jim Lowrie, Co-founder added

By opening our offices in Stockport we hope to encourage Stockport SMEs to consider employee ownership instead of traditional selling methods. This approach not only helps enhance employee morale and engagement but can also drive innovation and productivity, ultimately helping them lead to long-term growth not only for the business but the community and economy as a whole” 

Valloop's decision to choose Stockport as its newest location underscores the area's growing appeal as a hub for innovative businesses committed to supporting local businesses. By championing employee ownership, Valloop is not only revolutionising traditional business structures but also paving the way for SMEs in Stockport to thrive in a more inclusive and collaborative environment. 

Deborah Walker, Head of Inward Investment for Financial, Professional and Business Services at MIDAS, said

“Stockport's thriving and strategic location make it an ideal choice for companies looking to expand their operations. By investing in Stockport, businesses like Valloop can help to stimulate economic growth, create job opportunities, and contribute to the overall prosperity of the region. Additionally, Valloop's presence in Stockport will serve as a catalyst for further investment and innovation, attracting like-minded businesses that share a commitment to employee ownership and sustainable business practices.” 

Stephen added

“We have already offered job roles to three people in Manchester including our Marketing Director, Marketing Executive and People and Culture Director – and we're just getting started. With our new platform underway we envisage more roles coming in the near future...” 


Paul Richards, Director of Development and Regeneration at Stockport Council said:

We are thrilled to welcome Valloop to Stockport and are confident that their presence will have a positive impact on our local economy,"

"Their dedication to employee ownership brings exciting possibilities for businesses in Stockport and Greater Manchester, and we look forward to seeing the contributions they will make to our community and celebrating the first company through the process." 

As Valloop prepares to embark on this new chapter in Stockport, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to championing employee ownership and driving positive change to a process that can be slow, complex, and costly. With its innovative approach and dedication to empowering employees, Valloop is poised to make a lasting impact on Stockport's economy and beyond. 

For more information about Valloop and its employee ownership initiatives, please visit 


[PHOTO 1] Left to Right; Stephen Greenwood, CEO Valloop, Deborah Walker, Head of Inward Investment (Finance) MIDAS & Paul Richards, Director of Development and Regeneration at Stockport Council.  

[PHOTO 2] Left to Right; Deborah Walker, Head of Inward Investment (Finance) MIDAS, Stephen Greenwood, CEO Valloop, & Paul Richards, Director of Development and Regeneration at Stockport Council.