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Bury Manufacturing Company 

Specialising in the design and manufacture of products ranging from paper to plastics and textiles to tyres, Bury Manufacturing Company had an ageing workforce and required fresh skills and apprentices. They were also experiencing some export challenges and wanted to explore new innovation opportunities but lacked the facilities and resource to achieve this.

How MIDAS helped

  • With the help of the MIDAS team, the company was introduced to the Skills company who ran a bespoke recruitment programme for apprentices.

  • They were also introduced to the Trade team who were able to set up a direct contact with the Chamber of Commerce in South Korea to locate a new agent

  • Finally, under an NDA MIDAS introduced the company to one of Greater Manchester’s universities in order for them to work more closely with and conduct R&D surrounding their new ideas.

Tameside Cotton Mill

Tameside Cotton Mill embarked on an ambitious project to bring cotton spinning back to Britain and following an investment of over £8 million converted a 50-year-old cotton ring-spinning system to process 'technical' fibres, using traditional textile skills found locally to produce 21st century materials.

After winning several big contracts that would double the workforce over 12 months, Tameside Cotton Mill needed machinists to fulfil the orders. Following the closure of the mills last century there was a real shortage of skilled sewing machinists and finding the right talent was difficult.

After the development of a newproduct that would reduce CO2 emissions in vehicles, the company also wanted to export to India, one of their key target markets along with Japan and the US. However, they were coming up against many barriers not least the sheer size of the country along with the many languages spoken, culture differences along with getting to grips with the law governing setting up a business, exporting and the new Goods & Services Tax (GST).

How MIDAS helped

  • MIDAS introduced Tameside Cotton Mill to the Skills Company and the Job Centre Plus, and as a result they were able to set up a bespoke Sewing Academy in the local area to recruit and train unemployed individuals. They were also introduced to Aspire to advertise and recruit staff with existing skills and the Skills Company also advised them on the new Apprenticeship Levy standards helping them utilise tax for  training and staff development.

  • MIDAS introduced the company’s Managing Director to an automotive expert specialising in the India market who immediately set about providing Tameside Cotton Mill with support, introductions and valuable advice. Additional support was also provided by the Trade team to enable the company to export their 100% made in GB range to Japan and China.

  • As the first mill in the UK to produce cotton under Industry 4.0 in the city where it all began, MIDAS are also working with Marketing Manchester who will provide marketing and PR support to help amplify this exciting story.

Major Trafford Park based Glucose Syrup Manufacturer

This company set about a major onsite investment into the plant to commercialise the production of CO2 which is a by-product of glucose syrup manufacturing. To achieve this, they set up a joint venture with a a major global industrial gas company to capture, purify and liquefy the gas in order to sell into the food and beverage industry for chilling and freezing, as well as carbonating and dispensing drinks.

How MIDAS helped

  • MIDAS supported the launch of the company’s new venture by arranging for the head of Trafford Council to attend the high-profile presentation, plant a tree and open the new plant.

  • MIDAS also worked closely with Marketing Manchester and the Global Marketing department to achieve as much local exposure as possible.

Salford Manufacturing Company

Company that manufactures 100% recycled plastic lumber and outdoor products. They were looking to increase their production lines at the Salford site and needed support with their recruitment drive. As a sustainable business they are always looking at ways to make improvements around the Green Agenda. They also wanted some help with their internal entry systems.

How MIDAS helped

  • The company were introduced to Salford Council to help with their skills match and arrange recruitment within the local area
  • The company were introduced to a cardboard pallet manufacturer which was more eco-friendly which has led to continued discussions
  • Introduced company to a supplier that can help with their internal entry systems and they have been able to fulfil their requirements

Salford Food and Drink Manufacturer

Company established a new management system and were looking for a new Project Manager. In addition, they required support with Apprentices and the Levy.

How MIDAS helped

  • Introduced company to GC Skills & Education to discuss Apprenticeships and Levy
  • Introduced company to Aspire Recruitment to help find candidates for the Project Manager role
  • Provided company with CV’s received from external candidates that I had engaged with through our client base

Wigan based Chemicals Company

Company secured a new contract to diversify into new packaging lines which will create secure long term jobs in the region. The company wanted information on Greater Manchester to help secure the tender which was currently being produced in the USA. They also needed advice regarding site expansion and information on the surrounding area and any funding opportunities available.

How MIDAS helped

  • Provided a presentation providing detailed analysis of Greater Manchester including talent, cost analysis and skills
  • Introduced them to Wigan Council to help with planning and provide information on future plans for the surrounding area.
  • Provided company with details of funding options in relation to the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund

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